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Pixel Display Package Level 2 Whole House Starter

$8,500.00 $8,500.00
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The Level 2 Pixel display package has a little bit of everything one would need to wow any viewer.  All Items are plug and play ready.

-Pixel Tree 14'- 30 Straps of 75, and Controller

-Arches- 4 HDP pex Arches or 8 Coro Arches and Controller

-8 24" Snow Flakes w/ mounting hardware and Controller

-4 47"Snow flakes w/ Mounting hardware and Controller

-4 Window outlines W/ PVC frame and Controller (no size limitations*2" spacing)

-2 Window Matricies up to 4x4 @ 2" spacing and Controller(s)

-House Roof outline up to  150ft using Strawberry C9's with Controller 

-Setup Sequencing Software

-2 Sequences of your choice up to 4min each.

-Client Support Services- Dropbox, Team viewer, Unlimited Communication, Troubleshooting,

-Show Computer